Use Wanderfly to Find Your Next Travel Destination

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Wanderfly is a really fun website that can provide you with a list of ideal destinations based on your interests, budget, and other factors. The beauty of Wanderfly is that it is very simple to use, and it does a great job of recommending destinations that match up with the details you enter.

According to Wanderfly, there are more than 1,200 destinations in their system that are matched up to your criteria. Here is how it works:

  • Enter your starting point (most likely where you live).
  • Enter the part of the world that you would like to visit, or just leave it set to “world” for a broad range of suggestions.
  • Select your interests (things like adventure, art, beach, family, food, history, nightlife, romance, etc.).
  • Set your budget per person.
  • Set your month of travel and length of stay (or use exact dates).

Based on those details Wanderfly will make suggestions. Each suggested destination will also provide information on things to do (with links to more detailed reviews), hotel listings powered by, and flight listings powered by Orbitz. Wanderfly also provides an estimated total for the destination.

Based on our testing, the suggested destination system works very well for recommending trips that would actually interest you, and the added features of activities, hotel listings, and flight info make it very convenient to compare several destinations quickly without jumping from site to site.

You can also create an account, mark places that you have been to, save destinations  that you want to visit, and more. Checkout Wanderfly when you’re looking for your next destination.

Marc Andre is the founder and editor of TravelersPress. He loves to travel throughout the U.S., as well as internationally. Marc's favorite activity when traveling is photography.

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