The Idyllic Greenery, Warm Hospitality and Some Maple Syrup in Vermont

Vermont is an American state in the region of New England. The state is often called “the green mountain state” because of the marvelous and vast green mountains. Even its name in French has the same meaning as this territory was claimed by France in the early colonial period. Interesting fact about Vermont is that it is the only state in the New England region that has no reach to the Atlantic Ocean. Vermont is known for its production of maple syrup and the warm hospitality that attracts plenty of visitors to enjoy cheap holidays and memorable experience.

The state is part of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail which is an absolute must-see, or let’s say it must-hike, because of the incredible amount of astonishing beauty that will be revealed in front of your eyes. The obligatory stop while exploring nature in Vermont is the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park. There are various vacation rentals in the area offering excellent conditions for unforgettable last minute holidays.

Discover the development of mechanical arts in the American Precision Museum. The place can praise itself with the biggest collection of tools that have historical significance in the USA. Another interesting museum is the Bennington one which expresses the progress in social, historical and cultural aspect of the life in New England.

When in Vermont you can’t miss the maple syrup and of course the New England Maple Museum which will tell you all about the sugary industry and you can taste some of its production as well. Two more museums you should visit – the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum having nearly thousand examples of native animals; and the Vermont Museum of Mining and Minerals to be enlightened about the process and variety of minerals in the state. The house of the American poet Robert Frost built in the mid-18th century is exquisite example of the architecture in the Colonial age combining stone and timber. The house has been preserved in its original way and it welcomes visitors from all parts of the country.

To share a tip, the best time to visit Vermont is during the autumn because then the Green Mountain state becomes so widely colorful and beautiful that you simply can’t resist it. The cozy little hotels attract with irresistible cheap holiday deals and this is the perfect time to visit Vermont. Maybe it is because Vermont is a little state but it has some allure, tranquility and idyll. Just imagine the fallen leaves forming a symphony of colors, excellent harmony of shades and so perfect to contemplate even when you just sit and admire. When you decide to stop for a while, have some pancakes with maple syrup and just enjoy the view – vast hilly mountains, lakes and so many shades of green.

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