Touring Verona in the Spirit of Vinitaly

I had read about the city and when one of my close friends coaxed me into planning a tour, there was no reason for not going to Verona, Italy.  I had to check what were the recent celebrations and events going on, and the splendor of this city lies in its year-round festivities.

And we were in time for Vinitaly; it is an annual wine exhibition held in the month of April every year. However, now this has taken a more commercial turn and evolved into an international affair dedicated more towards earning business and fame. Nevertheless, this does not affect the fun and frolic in the air of this city.

Piazza Delle Erbe

As we reached the place and had dumped our belongings at our terrace apartment, located near the Roman Amphitheatre, we made our way towards Piazza delle Erbe for a hearty meal. The famous restaurants of the city are all here. After savoring their uniquely flavored pasta and a dish of horse meat, all we wanted was some relaxation and cool breeze. Where else would it be but at Lake Garda.

Lake Garda

There were beautiful yachts sailing past and the setting Sun added to the scenic beauty. We also thought of trying our hands at the adventure sport but it didn’t go well with the neophytes.

Since this festival continues for days and combines various other wine presentations too, we knew that there would be a lot of revelry involved. The evening had a glow as the glasses around seemed to reflect their aura and the wines explained the sophistication in the air. And there were samples to taste, so there was no stopping us.

Well! The grandeur of the environment was brightened with the presence of business honchos, many of whom are celebrated names of this industry. We had got entry through an acquaintance, who was a participant in the festival. There is no denying that we tasted the best wines we have ever had during these few days.

Lamberti Tower

Well, when you are in Verona, you should not miss out on studying the architectural beauty of this land. It had to be a panoramic click of the city from the Lamberti Tower, with the Sunrise; and we returned home with this shot. The picture still hangs on my wall, a matchless beauty.

On the last day of Vinitaly, there was a small celebration on the streets too and we found that celebrating with the locals was an equally enjoyable affair. Although I had never thought and neither had it ever amused me, we went for an Opera show and I must admit, it was much better than what I had imagined it to be. On the last day we made it to the Arena and then the Ponte Pietra Bridge, because I wanted to spend some time at these places and carry home some beautiful memories; of the monuments which have withstood the inflictions of time.

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