Places to See in Dubai in 4 Days: Top Six Attractions You Have to Visit

You would be staying in Dubai for just 4 days? This city deserves at least a week, if not more! Hmm…but we also understand the financial constraints! For many of us, it may not be so easy to plan a 10-day family vacation in such a coveted destination, so with a budget there are still plenty of great things to do and see!
So, 4 days it is! And if you just have 4 days at hand, then instead of warming up the couch in your luxury hotel rooms, it would be best to get going and check out these attractions quickly.

Here are the places which you must (I repeat, must) visit:

1. Burj Khalifa

Standing tall at over 829 m, Burj Al Khalifa is the ‘giraffe of all manmade structures’! Don’t you get it? It is the highest thing man has ever made! It is so tall that it can put your local skyscrapers to shame! Visit this place and make sure to hail the elevator to the terrace!

2. Burj Al Arab

It is an attraction so dazzling that you would feel like crooning and singing at its very sight! In character, it is a hotel (a 7-star one, mind you) but its middle-of-the-sea location and yacht-like shape makes it your apple of the eye (it is visually delicious)!

3. Dubai Mall

How can you not visit malls when you are in the greatest shopping destination in the world? And how can you not check out the Dubai Mall which happens to be the greatest (read largest) mall in the universe (assuming that aliens don’t build malls)!

4. Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates

If you are an Indian, then your wife must be used to watching that soap called ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hain’! Remember the skiing episode in which that chubby Pihu had skied her way to happiness inside a mall in Dubai! Yes, that mall is called the Mall of the Emirates and this facility (ski Dubai) is an indoor skiing rink! Check this out too, though it would burn your wallet for sure!

5. Gold Souks

Plan your Dubai Holidays wisely and make sure to visit the gold souks. These are markets where everything that glitters is certainly gold!

6. Palm Island

Ouch, I almost forgot this one! The Palm Island is an ingenious creation of man! Indescribably beautiful, it is a set of artificial islands designed like a palm leaf! We dare you to buy a property on this island (they are very expensive)!

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