Visiting Australia: 5 Must-See Destinations

Many people like to go on vacations during their free time since it’s one of the perfect ways to appreciate that the different awesome things that different nations offer. If you’re planning on going on a vacation, ensure that you check out the amazing country of Australia with its amazing destinations and attractions. I have recently visited different beautiful and wonderful places in Australia. Here are five of the must see destinations that I did not miss and you obviously should not miss when you go to visit the Land Down Under:

Sovereign Hill – Ballarat, Victoria

Check out the ancient city of Ballarat. Set of 25 acres of a unique gold mining site, Sovereign Hillis a living art gallery with working displays brought to life by costumed figures and over 40 horses. Their daily program contains 18 scheduled activities, so there will be anything for everyone. I have tried my hand at silver panning, discovered the risky world of deep mining, learned how to fill & fire a musket. I have also taken an underground tour of a gold mine & visited the 19th century style making candle making factory & learned how candles were made!

Whitsundays Islands

If spectacular tropical paradise is your thing, like me, then a trip to the Whitsundays should be a part of your plans. This place is really awesome. Choose from 74 islands situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Airlie Beach is a fantastic base. From there you can charter your own yacht, yacht or dive at the Great Barrier Reef, or check out the largest of the isles, Whitehaven Beach. Seven kilometers of breathtaking silica & turquoise sea, named the globe’s top eco-friendly beach by CNN in 2010.

Phillip Island, Victoria

There is a lot to do on Phillip Island, everything from kayaking to charter fishing, but 2 things I did not skip are the Penguin Parade & the Koala Conservation Center. You also cannot afford to miss these two things. Each evening at sunset, you have the unique chance to see the globe’s smallest penguins in their organic habitat. They come back from day fishing in the sea & waddle up the seaside to the safety of their burrows in the sand hills. I have seen them from a unique watching place & from boarding walkways. They create a charming cooing audio as they settle into their burrows, it was outstanding & amazing experience for me.

The Koala Conservation place is also amazing. Stroll through the Eucalyptus plants on elevated boarded pathways, most of the Koala’s will be resting in the tree tops but I got chance to see them close up. You can also get this chance. You may even be fortunate enough to see child joeys as they take their 1st experience from their mother’s pouch!

Kangaroo Island

One hundred-fifty-five kilometers in length, Kangaroo Island isn’t technically in Australia but it is only a forty-five minute boat ride from Adelaide, South Australia. Breathtaking forests, that provides protection to many local Australia animals. It has heavy woodland, unspoiled sand dunes, towering cliffs, white beaches & wetlands. Around 4,400 individuals live there, most of them primary manufacturers.

The island provides visitors lots of interesting activities. I walked among the sea lions at Seal Bay Conservation Park, it is really awesome. You can walk there and take your buds on a trip through the isles rich fabulous produce – from prize winning sheep milk cheeses to water marron, olive oil & store bottles of wine. Visit the subterranean world of limestone caverns and caverns & finish off the day by viewing Dave & his wonderful collection of birds of prey!

Scenic World at Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains

I have visited the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains & enjoyed a wonderful day out exploring the skyline on different rides. The site of Scenic World is loaded with history, originally referred to as Katoomba coal mine. In the delayed 1800’s, over eighteen men worked in the coal mine, The mine shut in 1945 & the rental was taken over by Harry Hammon. Harry was loading fossil fuel one day when a vehicle fill of United States military pulled up & requested where they could find the steepest train because they desired a drive. This placed the seeds in Harry’s mind to begin a scenic railway. Since then, the function has extended further & now offers travelers, Cableway, The Scenic Skyway, Railway, and Walkway & Scenic Cinema.


Above these 5 places of Australia are awesome places for travelers to travel. I enjoyed very much there. Don’t waste your time, visit these wonderful destinations & make fun with your family and friends and make your holiday memorable.

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