15 Websites for Cruise Reviews from Other Travelers

Deciding on which cruise line and ship to take requires some research if you’re not a frequent cruiser. While it’s easy to visit a travel booking website and do comparative shopping based on price, that is only one factor that should be considered.

There are a number of quality websites that exist for the purpose of helping cruisers or would-be cruisers to find information from other travelers about cruise lines, itineraries, and specific cruise ships.

Must-Visit Sites for Cruise Reviews:

While there are a lot of sites out there with cruise reviews, a few stand out from the crowd. These are the most used and most respected sites.


CruiseReviews is one of the first places you should go when researching a cruise line or a specific ship. The site contains reviews for 39 cruise lines, most with many different ships. Users can leave their own review and each ship is ranked overall and in different categories including food, service, cabins, entertainment, family-friendliness, shore excursions, and value. Most ships have a lot of reviews so you’ll get much more than just one person’s opinion.

Cruise Critic

Cruise Critic provides profiles of various cruiselines plus reviews of individual ships. Like CruiseReviews, Cruise Critic has a considerable number of user reviews and a categorized rating system. There’s also a complete ship review from Cruise Critic.


CruiseMates does not have user-submitted reviews, but they have detailed information about the cruise lines and each ship that will surely helpful in your own research. They provide information about who should be interested in the ship, and who should avoid it, plus information on decor, public areas, cuisine, restaurants, service, tipping, entertainment, cabins, and more.

Cruises Only

Cruises Only has a huge number of user reviews (more than 300 for some ships). They have overall ratings for customers as well as for their own experts. The user-submitted reviews also include some helpful information such as the reviewers age, travel type (such as group), and type of room they stayed in. There are ratings for ship quality, food, room quality, staff and entertainment, in addtion to an overall rating.

Others that are Worth Visiting:

If you want to keep going with your research or if you haven’t quite found what you are looking for, here are some other good review sites to try.

Cruise Diva

Cruise Diva provides ship reviews for 19 cruise lines, plus a few other small ships and miscellaneous reviews. There are no user-submitted reviews, just one review for each ship. However, most of the reviews are fairly thorough and helpful.


About.com has a fairly large number of reviews. Most ships from major cruise lines have several reviews. Most of the reviews are helpful, but they don’t provide all of the information and rankings that you can find at some other sites.


Epinions is not exclusively a travel website, but they do include cruises in the various categories of user reviews that are available. Their reviews are sorted a little bit differently than most of the other sites on this list. You’ll first select a cruise line and then a destination before being lead to reviews for specific ship. Most of the ships have a lot of reviews, some have more than 100.

Cruise Addicts

Cruise Addicts provides users with an opportunity to submit and to read the reviews of others. There are not as many reviews on the site as compared to CruiseReviews or Cruise Critic, but it can still be a good resource for more opinions.

Cruise Reviews Online

Cruise Reviews Online has a decent number of reveiws for most ships and gives users the opportunity to rate the ship in various categories including staff, dining, entertainment, activities, cabin, itinerary, and value.

Cruise Line Fans

CruiseLineFans has several reviews for most cruise lines, but the information is not organized in the most user-friendly fashion. This could be a good place to check if you’re looking to dig deeper or just to get more opinions.


CruiseEvolution provides their own reviews for over 30 cruise lines and their ships. They also have several photos for most ships and the option to read or submit user reviews (not very many user-submitted reviews are on the site currently).


Fodor’s provides their own information about each of the cruise lines and ships. There are no user-submitted reviews, but this can still be a good source for trusted information.


CruiseCrazies has user-submitted reviews for about 20 cruise lines. Most ships on major cruise lines have a few reviews, although many are not as detailed as you will get on some other sites.


eCruiseReviews has as a small number of user-submitted reviews. Not all ships have been reviewed yet.


TheCruiseLines.com has ratings, reviews, and photos for a large number of ships.

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