7 Websites for House Swaps

In a tough economy a growing number of travelers have sought out creative ways to cut back on costs, and house swapping has been one of the more popular ways to save. House Swapping can work in different ways, but the basic idea is that you let someone stay in your house and you stay in their house, eliminating the need to pay for a hotel room.

House swapping isn’t a favorite of everyone, but many people like it for reasons aside from just saving money. It can be a great way to visit destinations that are not popular with tourists, and therefore have fewer hotel options. Additionally, house swapping makes it easier to experience the culture and meet local people as opposed to staying in a hotel or resort.

With the right websites at your disposal it is easy to find house swapping opportunities. The seven sites shown here will all allow you to browse through listings that have been posted by others, and you can also place your own listing.

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