8 Things To Do In Boston, Massachusetts

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With historical elegance and decadent food, Boston is a traveler’s dream location. Filled with tours, museums and desserts, here is a top eight list of things to see and do while in Boston.

The New England Aquarium

Home to over 70 marine life exhibits, the New England Aquarium is a must see for Bostonians and visitors alike. Guests enjoy touching over 100 marine animals in the east coast’s largest touch tank, viewing a penguin colony and traveling up a four story ramp that surrounds an ocean tank which is home to a 550 pound sea turtle among many other ocean life animals.


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Fenway Park

A quick hour tour of Fenway Park is a must for baseball fans and visitors to Boston. During the Fenway walking tour, guests have a chance to sit atop the Green Monster (the homerun killer in deep leftfield) and learn about Red Sox history.

Fenway Park, Boston

Photo credit: Werner Kunz

Tea Party Ships and Museum

Explore historically restored tea ships, interact with colonists and even dump tea overboard at this fun and interactive museum. With an hour tour, guests are educated in Boston’s history by participating in the events leading up the American Revolution.

Cheers Boston

Boston is home to some of the best bars along the east coast but none are more famous than the bar Cheers. Known as the back drop for the popular television sitcom Cheers, this bar is a hotspot for tourists and TV fans.

Cheers, Boston

Photo credit: Wally Gobetz

Sam Adams Brewery

100 years ago, Boston could claim it produced and consumed more beer than anywhere else in the United States. The Sam Adams Brewery embraces that claim by offering a historical tour through the brewery, educating guests on how their beer is made and inviting guests to participate in a tasting of four beers made in the heart of Boston.

Sam Adams, Boston

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Skywalk Observatory

Take in a 360 degree view of Boston, while learning about its many historical landmarks in this 50 story high observatory. The only observatory in the New England area, this skywalk shows its guests the Boston Skyline and beyond.

Skywalk, Boston

Photo credit: Brent Danley

Union Oyster House

This 250 year old building was once a key part of the American Revolution, now it is full of history and amazing Bostonian Clam Chowder.

Union Oyster House, Boston

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Boston Chocolate Tours

This walking tour of Boston is complimented by the very best delicatessen chocolate and dessert shops Ye Old Towne has to offer. In this fun and delicious tour, guests are educated by Boston’s foremost chocolate experts and leave laden with desserts.

Boston has many museums and activities to offer to the curious traveler, that you should plan enough time to see everything. What are some other attractions that you like to visit in Boston?

Dan Patterson works for www.citypass.com. Before you plan you trip to Boston, make sure to look at the attractions included in the Boston CityPASS and our things to do in Boston page for additional ideas of what to do while you’re in town.

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