What to Wear When Traveling to Italy


If you’re packing for your trip to Italy, you naturally have to think about what to wear. While choosing clothes may seem like a simple task, you need to remember to dress for your planned activities and local customs. So, here are some smart clothing choices that blend style and comfort when you’re traveling to Italy.

Footwear: Balance Style and Comfort

The key to choosing the right footwear for your Italian adventure lies in finding a balance between comfort and style. During the day, as you wander through historic city centers or visit iconic landmarks, comfortable shoes are a must. So, opt for footwear that provides support for long walks on uneven surfaces, such as cobbled streets and ancient pathways.

On the other hand, the evenings in Italy offer a chance to showcase more stylish options. For women, high heels might seem tempting. But, consider the practicality of walking on uneven streets. So, a pair of chic, lower-heeled shoes or elegant sandals can be just as stylish and far more comfortable. Meanwhile, for dining out or attending events, leave the sneakers behind and choose something a bit more polished to match the Italian flair for fashion.

Women’s Clothing: Mix Glamor and Practicality

For women traveling to Italy, blending glamour with practicality is key to nailing the local style. Italian fashion is all about elegance, so feel free to express your style with chic, well-coordinated outfits. Also, a mix of fashionable yet comfortable dresses, skirts, and blouses works well.

Meanwhile, pack modest clothes if you plan to visit religious sites like churches. Be sure to dress conservatively, with clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. For example, bring a lightweight cardigan or a stylish pashmina to have a respectful cover-up and a defense against the chilly interiors of historic buildings.

Men’s Clothing: Choose a Neat Yet Relaxed Style

For men traveling to Italy, the goal is to achieve impeccable style and relaxed comfort. Locals are known for their polished appearance, often accessorizing to enhance their outfits. However, this doesn’t mean you need to be overly formal. Instead, opt for neat, well-maintained clothing that leans towards smart casual.

For example, if you’re exploring the city or having a casual dinner, wear a pair of relaxed cotton chinos or linen trousers paired with a smart oxford shirt. These choices offer a blend of comfort and style, suitable for most occasions you’ll encounter in Italy.

Meanwhile, your visit to churches or formal events will require you to wear a light sweater or a stylish jacket. It’s not uncommon for the interiors of buildings to be cooler, especially during the summer months. So, having an extra layer can be fashionable and practical.

Other Essential Items to Pack for Your Italian Getaway

Apart from your stylish wardrobe, there are several other essentials that you should consider packing for a seamless and enjoyable visit to Italy. These items will ensure your comfort, convenience, and compliance with local regulations:

  • Insect/Mosquito Repellent: Especially if you plan to visit coastal areas, mosquito repellent is a must to keep those pesky insects at bay.
  • Photo ID: Carrying some form of photo ID at all times is a legal requirement in Italy. So, bring a valid form of identification with you during your travels.
  • Travel Adapter Plug and Voltage Converter: Italy uses a 230V power supply. So, if your electronic devices aren’t compatible, you’ll need a travel adapter and possibly a voltage converter.
  • Lightweight Shoulder Bag or Day Sack: A small bag is essential for carrying your daily essentials. Keep in mind that many museums and galleries restrict entry with large bags or backpacks, and cloakroom facilities may not always be available.
  • Luggage Scale: Avoid unexpected baggage fees by using a luggage scale to ensure your bags are within the airline’s weight allowance. Besides, this is helpful in gauging how much room you have for souvenirs.
  • Italy Travel eSIM: To stay connected throughout your trip, consider getting an Italy travel eSIM. It’s a convenient way to access the Internet and keep in touch with friends and family without incurring roaming charges.

Your Clothes Are Part of Your Adventure

As you pack for your visit to Italy, remember to blend style with comfort in your clothing choices. However, no matter what you bring, what’s important is you wear your clothes with confidence. Let your wardrobe be a part of the adventure, reflecting both the local lifestyle and your personal taste.

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