What You Should Know About Parking Your Car at Atlanta Airport

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airports isn´t just one of the bigger airports within the US – handling up to 294.000 travelers per day (2018), it’s the busiest one. Atlanta Airport is an international and domestic turnstile connecting major airports within the US and around the globe. That makes Atlanta the perfect departure airport for your next trip.

But as you can imagine, not only the terminals are busy. The parking facilities are, too. Travelers, who don´t have the opportunity of going to the airport by train, bus or taxi, should make sure to inform themselves about long term parking Atlanta Airport early enough to find a good deal.

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How Parking at the Airport Works

Airport parking is a science on its own. In fact, it has even become a lucrative niche for companies to help people find the perfect parking space for their individual needs. If you use a platform like Parkos that also offers airport parking at San Francisco and other wonderful destinations, you can compare different types of parking facilities.

The types of parking at Atlanta International Airport differ from each other in terms of convenience, service and rates. Comparing parking rates early on during your planning process, you can find the best offer – sometimes even a special deal.

But how do you make sure your chosen parking spot really is available when your adventure begins? It’s best to not only look into airport parking, but to actually book your parking spot online. That saves you a lot of stress and worries in the hours before your departure. Find out about the most common types of parking at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

Different Parking Facilities at Atlanta Airport

There are six parking providers at Atlanta International Airport. Travelers can benefit from a price battle between them. Like anywhere else in the economy, demand and offer determine the price. As Georgia’s big airport is frequented by so many travelers each day, the airport itself has no reason to offer cheap parking – why ask for little, if people are willing to pay a lot? To travelers, this means that they should look into the independent parking providers surrounding the airport.

On-Site Parking Vs. Off-Site Parking

Travelers tend to want to park as close to the terminal as possible, but the closer you get, the higher the prices. Off-site parking can be a great alternative. All off-site parking lots are located within just a few miles to the airport. But how do you get to the terminal?

Most parking facilities you can book online come with a designated shuttle service that commutes to and from the terminals every ten to 15 minutes. That means that you might need to plan in some extra time, of course. At the same time, you can save a lot of money and spare your nerves.

Curbside Valet Parking

Valet parking is the perfect hybrid solution between on- and off-site parking. Instead of driving your car into one of the airport parking facilities or to the site of an external provider, you simply pull up to the terminal. A driver will then get in your car and drive it to a secured off-site parking lot. Valet parking is per se more expensive than shuttle parking, but it gives you all the freedom – especially timewise.

Short-Term Parking at Atlanta International Airport

If you don’t plan to go on a trip, you cannot use long-term parking, of course. Short-term parking spaces are available at different locations both on- and off-site. There is no need to pay for a short-term parking spot if all you want to do is pick someone up or drop someone off. In order to do so, just pull up at the curbside pick-up or drop-off zones. It’s not a big deal if their flight is delayed as you can always park in one of the remote cell phone lots further away and drive to the terminal when it’s time.

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