Which Greek Island Is Best For My Vacation?

One of the reasons that Greece and the islands of Greece are so popular is that there is an island for everyone. Whether you want to party hard for two weeks, get lost in a book, or explore the landscape, there is something for you within these paradisiacal islands.

We reviewed a selection of the top holiday islands in Greece based on the variety available and accounting for varying individual tastes.

Party Time

While the islands we are about to discuss are not simply great for partying hard, as they are the more popular islands it is a lot easier in these places to find all night bars and clubs for those of you who are able to cope with an all-nighter.

Corfu and Zante are two of the most popular Greek islands for those looking to have a party. Although there is much to do for families here, too, there is more of a concentration of revellers here and definitely a much younger crowd.

Rhodes and Kos offer much more in the way of real family orientated tourism, with various daily excursions and trips around the island going on, and a lot to do for everyone. From these islands you can even take a short catamaran ride over to the Turkish mainland, with the popular resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum popular destinations for these.

Somewhere More Relaxed

For those looking to get away from the mainstream tourist destinations around the Greek islands, somewhere like Lesvos offers the opportunity to slip away quietly and relax. While tourism is a major part of life on Lesvos, it is not the all-encompassing, domineering monster that it is on the more well-known Greek islands.

While it is surprising that it is not a more popular tourist haunt given its size – Lesvos is the third largest Greek island – what it does offer is a unique opportunity to discover hidden treasures and turn your holiday into a relaxing adventure.

Off the Radar

If even a destination such as Lesvos offers too much in the way of hustle and bustle, you always have the option to choose a resort completely off the radar. Step forward the Greek island of Leros, which is situated neatly near to Kos and surrounded by other Greek islands. Leros passes the test of a truly secluded resort, in that there is no airport and the only way in or out of the place is via ferry.

For tourists looking to sip coffee and idly watch the world go by, Leros is the place for you.

Take the time to research all of the Greek islands fully, as there really is a place to cater for everyone’s tastes.

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