8 Reasons Why You Should Go on Vacation

Often, many people consider vacation a luxury, assigning it to certain classes of people. However, vacation is as important as getting regular exercise as well as eating well. In a world moving so fast, you can easily get caught in the waves thereby feeling burned out. This is never a nice position to be in; it can take away your excitement about life and what you do. Therefore, it is important to periodically step back from daily targets and endless duties. Going on a vacation is a perfect way to lead a well-balanced and healthy life.

If you are burning out or losing your spark and zeal, vacation may just be what you need. If you are feeling disconnected from people that matter to you, e.g. your family, going on a vacation with them may be the magic wound you need.

Also, while setting a goal and breaking it down into achievable bits, you should plan vacations into the journey. In essence, regular vacations should be a major goal. It does not have to be expensive hence money can never be an excuse. Manzanita beach in Oregon is one of the best beaches you should visit for vacation. The good thing about holidaying in Manzanita beach is the so many cheap Manzanita rentals which makes a vacation at Manzanita enjoyable and cheap.

If you need reasons to prioritize vacation in your life, the following 10 reasons will convince you:

Stress Reliever

Originally, stress is designed to help and keep us safe; the hormones released foster a flight or fight response which was key to the survival of the early man. However, when stress builds up to a chronic level, it can cause major harm to the body. Unfortunately, our modern society is a very stressful one. Hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol are constantly at high levels. Going on regular vacations is an ideal way to take a break from the daily high-stress level.

Fosters Focus

Consistent and continuous application to the achievement of goals without taking breaks can cause a lapse in concentration. A high level of stress can cause memory problems as well as inhibit the achievement of goals. Regular vacation will feel you with fresh energy to meet targets and achieve goals. This is backed by several surveys, concluding that at least 3 out of 4 people who vacation frequently do better on their job.

Enhances Happiness

One of the leading causes of anxiety and depression today is stress, as confirmed by neuroscientists who said that a high level of stress hormones in the body can alter the brain structure. Women are reported to be more affected than men, up to a ratio of 3 to 1. On the other hand, people who go on regular vacations are said to be very happy; enjoying better wellbeing.

Strengthens Relationships

Today, everyone seems to be very busy. Many families sleep in the same house every day but have no connection of any sort because they are trying to meet their physical needs in a very demanding world. Vacation is an ideal opportunity to give your loved ones the time and attention they deserve. Marriages that vacation regularly are reported to be happier; spouses are more satisfied and children perform better in their academics.

Weight Control

For many people, their stress response is mindless eating. This is a leading cause of overweight. People take different kinds of drugs or teas to slim down but see little or no result due to their levels of stress. Increased belly fat and weight gain are connected to cortisol hence if stress hormones are kept down through regular vacations, this can be a more effective way to put your weight in check.

Prevents Illness

Research has established strong connections between chronic stress and numerous illnesses. The body’s immune system is altered hence making you vulnerable to illnesses such as flu and irritable bowel syndrome. Research has also shown that people who go on vacations regularly are generally healthier. If you have not been feeling healthy recently, perhaps a vacation is what you need.

Improves Sleep Quality

Sleep is a very important part of living a healthy life but keeping up with the fast-paced world affects the quality and length of our sleep. Taking regular vacations helps to correct this problem, enhancing sleep quality up to 20% according to studies.

Enhances Productivity

Not taking regular vacations is a leading cause of lower productivity. Vacation is a perfect opportunity to reboot, set new goals, and see how you can do things better. A high-quality vacation will leave you with fresh optimism, creativity, and energy about the next projects.


All the reasons discussed above make regular vacations a necessity, not a luxury. There are different kinds of vacation, each at different costs. No matter what your budget is, you can enjoy an amazing vacation experience personally or with colleagues, friends, or family. If you are on a low budget, creativity is very important to make it worthwhile.

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