Wild Camping Tips

This time of year it’s cold in most areas of North America and Europe, which is why the last thing any of us will want to do is even begin to imagine going out and about let alone camping. However, believe it or not the cold weather really won’t last for much longer which is why I’m already getting excited and am planning my latest summer adventures. For me the best thing about the summer months is the chance for me to get outside and be at one with nature and frankly; there couldn’t be a better way than with a rugged, unplanned and highly exciting wild camping adventure.

Unlike a regular camping trip, on a regulated camping site, surrounded by other campers; wild camping is the process in which campers can sneak off to the wilderness, set up their tents in the most remote of spots and enjoy really being at one with nature. The beauty of wild camping is that it is just that; wild, uninhibited, uncontrolled and completely unpredictable; you never know what you’re going to get and where you’re going to end up. Far too many of us plan our lives to the t and overthink everything so why not bring a little spontaneity into your life this year and take on a wild camping adventure?

For those of you who have either never before been camping or for those who have camped yet never been on the wild side; there are a few tips that can assist and ensure that you stay ahead of the game. Below are my top five tips that are commonly agreed amongst many experienced wild campers however, if I have missed any out or failed to mention something important then let me know!

1. Legalities

Probably one of the most important factors to be recognized when considering wild camping is that, as exciting as it may be; it is unfortunately illegal in many parts of the world. Some states may have a great approach to wild camping however, other areas fail to recognize just what an amazing adventure it can be so if you are taking the risk outside then please ensure to stay out of sight and remain aware that you will unfortunately have no legal rights.

2. Preparation

Preparation is key to any camping trip so ensure that, no matter how optimistic you may be; you are prepared for the worst weather and the worst conditions. Wild camping is all about the unpredictability but it is this unpredictability that can cause such issues.

3. Weight

It is wise to remain aware that with wild camping will come quite a trek. Finding the perfect, deep location will involve being as far away from your vehicle and civilization as possible so ensure that your luggage is light and you carry only the most minimal equipment.

4. Tent

Again, in reference to the above point, your tent should be easy to carry, lightweight and reliable. It is often agreed that renowned brands like Vango and Outwell are the most trusted and durable however; with a little hunting you should have no problem finding the perfect, most trusted tent for yourself.

5. GPS/Compass

I know this may be stating the obvious but the wild is unpredictable and whether it is your first, second or third time wild camping; unless you were born and raised out there the odds of getting lost and losing your sense of direction are still quite high so save yourself any hassle by taking along a GPS device or compass (perfect for any emergency!).

With summer right around the corner, why not wave goodbye to that same old predictability and instead say hello to excitement, adventure and intrigue with a wild camping adventure? It really isn’t as scary as it might seem and instead is a fantastic way to bring something new into your life!

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