Your Guide to Sightseeing On a Budget

Whether you are exploring the United States, Europe, or even further afield, sightseeing on a budget can seem like an impossible task. From the rising cost of tourist tours to the unfathomable high attraction ticket prices, you’re probably already worried about how you’re going to afford to see all the must-visit attractions. 

Fortunately, there are tips and tricks that you can adopt to make sure that you don’t miss out when you’re sightseeing on a budget. Discover all the best-kept money-saving secrets right here. 

1. Research before you go 

Although it can be fun to simply rock up to a new destination and aimlessly wander the streets in search of things to see and do, this is arguably the most expensive way to sightsee. Instead, make sure you take the time to research the area before you go so that you can determine what sights and attractions you want to see and can budget accordingly. 

2. Book early 

If you want to enjoy any paid excursions or attractions, then it’s always a good idea to book your tickets in advance. Not only will this save you money, but it will also ensure that you’re not disappointed on the day if they’re fully booked. Booking in advance is particularly important if you’re traveling at peak times of the year such as in the school holidays as this is when all the popular sights will be most in demand. 

3. Use public transport 

Yes, it may be easier to jump in a taxi when you need to get from one place to another, but this isn’t the most economical way to travel. Instead, familiarize yourself with the local public transport system and make use of any buses, trains, and even boats that are on offer. If you’re sightseeing in London, a hop on hop off bus is a must-try, enabling you to explore the entire city with ease and without breaking your budget. 

4. Look for free attractions 

For those on a really tight budget or for the last few days of your trip when you’re seriously low on cash, free local attractions are exactly what you need. Most major cities and even smaller spots will have some sort of free attraction that you can enjoy, and these can often be just as much fun as paid ones. The only thing to remember is that free attractions tend to attract big crowds, so try to visit at less busy times of the day such as early in the morning or in the early evening. 

5. Be your own tour guide 

Rather than fork out your hard-earned cash to listen to someone else talk about a particular attraction or local sight, why not become your own personal tour guide? All it takes is a little bit of research and a few trips to the library and you can easily become as knowledgeable as these so-called expert guides. Just make sure that you take a map (or download one), so you don’t get lost! 

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